Mustang "S Series" Canopy Color

The following is a simple illustration of a 13 cell canopy and stabilizers. Click on any color in the color palette to change the color of the individual cells and stabilizers.

Please note that all of the colors displayed are subject to availability. Fabric colors may not be exactly as shown. 

Option 1: When you have completed picking your custom colors for your canopy, you can choose to email your color choices to us, along with your name, email address and any questions or comments you may have, by clicking on the "Send" button located below the canopy graphic.  A representative will contact you to confirm your color choices and to assist you with further information.

Option 2: You can choose to paste and save your custom colored canopy graphic into a Microsoft Word document and email it to us. To copy the graphic: Position your cursor at the beginning of the red dashed line below. Hold down your left mouse button and drag the mouse over and then down until the entire canopy graphic is highlighted in blue. 

Click your right mouse button and from the dropdown menu that appears, choose "Copy". Open Microsoft Word and paste it into a new document. If you should require any assistance, please contact us. 



cell 1
RIGHT cell 2 RIGHT cell 3 RIGHT cell 4 RIGHT cell 5 RIGHT cell 6 RIGHT cell 7 CENTER

LEFT cell 8

LEFT cell 9

LEFT cell 10

LEFT cell 11

LEFT cell 12

LEFT cell 13

LEFT cell 14


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